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Jee Fong's Vocal / Singing Workshop & Coaching

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Aspiring vocalists and singers!

And you who want to groom a more pleasant voice!

Greetings! My name is Jee Fong!  I want to help you, “find your voice!”

I invite you to my vocal training workshops and private coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to release and enhance, the power inherent within your unique voice


1. Small group workshop

You may register for my normal two hour Vocal & Singing Techniques Workshop.

You'll benefit from the energy of a small group of eager trainees just like you. And make new friends!

2. Private coaching

You can register for personalised private coaching. Or, you can gather some friends together for several small group sessions.

Together, you and I will assess your needs and develop a series of sessions specifically tailored for your needs and aspirations.

Body posture
Voice projection
Singing Confidence
Vocal Phrasing
Voice control
Voice care
Balancing the ears


1. Aspiring vocalists & singers.
Whether for work, recreation, or worship settings.

2. All whose work or interests requires excellent vocal quality.

Teaching and training vocations
Tour industry
Customer service
Any profession involving vigorous use of
ones voice

Group workshop: Single 2-hour session
$30 per participant

*Private coaching: Four 1 hour sessions
$220 per participant

*Group coaching: Four 1 hour session
$150 per participant (minimum 2 people)

(* Please note that this is offered once, after which the hourly rate will kick in.)

Training packages can be developed and customised to meet your expressed need.

Be amazed by what your voice can do for you!

Here is what some people have to say about Jee Fong's vocal training sessions:

"Jee Fong is a very passionate vocal coach, always going the extra mile to clarify any doubts, questions or issues I have. Her passion flows through her coaching and ignites passion in me to reach higher to excel in singing. Jee Fong's knowledge of singing techniques and vocal care are rich and sound and she's able to demonstrate it and guide me to try and experience what the techniques can do. Her coaching also addressed my misconceptions about singing and enabled me to sing with less constraints and more confidence. I highly recommend Jee Fong if you're looking for an effective vocal coach."

Georgina Ong

"Dear Sister Jee Fong, Your lessons benefited me tremendously, especially for someone like me who sing each Sunday without previous training. I tried hard but could not identify areas which needed fine-tuning. Your vocal training sessions helped me understand myself better. I have yet to grasp everything you taught us but I am more confident already. You are a conscientious trainer. I am sure every of your students have gained greatly from you.

Betty Yeo
His Sanctuary

"Jee Fong is a very committed teacher and comes prepared for every lesson. With her engaging and bubbly personality, she makes lessons interesting and fun and inspires one to try and do more.

Shauna Law
His Sanctuary

"Sister Jee Fong came well prepared for each lesson. Her tips and techniques are very useful and enriching. I did not even know the "ahem" will spoil our vocal chords! All in all I had gained lots of knowledge and techniques. Thank you Sister Jee Fong."

Simon Loh
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

The vocal training class was very interesting. I have benefited a lot. I have learnt to have expression when I sing, put in emotions when I sing and also on voice control. All these techniques have helped me to be a better back-up singer in my church. I would encourage those who have not attended any such training to go for it."

Joycelyn Lee
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

Jee Fong is an articulated and resourceful trainer. Although I had attended vocal training before, I had picked up many new information and techniques which help to enhance my vocal health.

Randall Goh
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

I never realize how we can easily spoil our Vocal Cords without knowing it until it's too late. I now know that taking care of our Voice is quite simple if we were taught the proper Vocal & Singing Techniques. Some of the Techniques you shared with us during your Demo Session was quite simple to practice & proved to be effective. Thank you for sharing and I wish you success in your vocal training workshop.

Richard Tan
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

After the vocal training, I am now more confident in singing, at least I dare to sing louder then before and with more expression. Thanks for teaching us the techniques of singing. May God continue to bless you and your work.

Rosie Lee

Hi! Your vocal training has helped me in singing properly and with confidence. I will continue to use the techniques to improve on my weak areas. I used to have sore throat after two hours of singing. I have learnt that I have exerted on the wrong muscle and lack warming up. Now with proper practice and knowledge of taking care of my vocal cord, I am able to speak properly after 2 hours of singing. I must thank Jee Fong for her Marvellous GIFT in Vocal Training."

Hong Demei
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

"I can feel the passion that Jee Fong has in wanting to impart all the knowledge that she has to the participants that come to her class. Personally, her desire to make sure that her participants understood and grasped what she was teaching touched me the most"

Lilian Lee
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

Indeed I felt that the training is fruitful and useful to me. Sis Jee Fong has made it so interesting and practical that I can put into practice right away. After attending the training, it has given me more confidence in delivering the songs and able to express better. Thank u Sis Jee Fong. Hereby, I would like to give thanks and praise to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to attend this training. God bless one and all!

Cheralyn Lim
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

A committed and dedicated teacher to her craft, Jee Fong believes that everyone has a singing voice that just needs the correct techniques to bring it out. I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions with her and gained a better understanding on how to "stretch " my voice.

Michelle Chau
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

We have definitely learnt a lot through this course. It has helped us to project our voice better and we have also discovered many new insights. We will surely look forward to attend such courses in the future. Cheers to you our coach!!

Janet Koh
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

I begin to enjoy singing with a louder voice. Thank you Sister Jee Fong.

Paul Png
Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

My greatest achievement is knowing Christ. And that He loves me and you.

Goh Hong Eng
Church of Our Saviour

It is most liberating to be able to sing with confidence without getting hoarse or worse, a sore throat. Now I can worship with greater joy!

Frances Goh
Church of Our Saviour

After several meetings, I can sing loudly and confidently. It is an enjoyable experience to work with you.

Clifford Mario
Anglo Chinese School (Secondary)

"Jee Fong's classes enabled me to learn how to use my voice better and to realise that good speech not only included using one's voice correctly but that it was necessary to have the right posture and use correct breathing techniques as well. Jee Fong's personality is also warm and engaging which made the personalised classes all that more enriching to attend."


"It was an eye opener for me. I was not aware of the intricate details of maintaining vocal quality. A great help for me, as a trainer."

Selvarajoo Vadivelu

"I've attended the voice training sessions with hopes of improving my foundational techniques and I have improved since. Now when i sing for longer periods of time, my voice does not feel the strain and tiredness. Praise God!"

Vincent Kwok
Living Faith Church

"Thank you for coaching us in vocal and singing techniques. It had been a fun time. We found the sessions refreshing, enjoyable and relaxing as we're comfortable with you. You have been very helpful and patient.

May the Lord bless and extend this area of your passion and ministry for His glory."

Nancy Choo, Michelle Pillai & Pearl Yeo
St John's St Margaret's Church

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Jee Fong

About me:

I am a trained vocalist. I was a registered People's Association trainer training in Recreational Karaoke in folk singing (English) from May 2007 to May 2010.

On 22nd March 2008, I had the privilege to be a judge in FAME2008, an inter-boarding school singing competition among some boarding schools in Singapore.

I have performed in musicals, weddings, and special events as a soloist, and have sung in choirs and music teams.  I conduct singing techniques workshops, and have privately coached people to improve their vocal quality. I also conduct vocal training in organizations.

You are more than welcome to visit my trainer blog at

Come!  Journey with me to bring out the inherent power of your voice!  Contact me at my mobile at 90103906 or e-mail me <>

Jee Fong's Bio-data

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